Creating Quiet Zones


In today’s world there is a high demand for comfort. Often, we think of comfort as temperature related, but we are learning that comfort is multilayered. We are experiencing and demanding the need for spaces that provide, peace, quiet and serenity as part of our overall comfort formula.

In our busy worlds, peace and quiet can be difficult to come by. The industry is seeing a significant uptick in inquiries and demand for construction materials which provide some form of noise abatement. Since the first standardized architectural tests were performed on glass (mid-late 1960’s), and the first building specifying laminated glass was set on the drawing boards (about that same time), laminated glass with Saflex® PVB interlayers has had a solid track record of documented noise damping capability versus non-laminated glazing products.


Since first used, major strides in noise abatement, at the critical frequency of glazing has been developed. Saflex Acoustic PVB interlayer is a multi-layer product designed to produce glass laminates with enhanced acoustical properties compared to monolithic glass and laminates made with conventional polyvinylbutyral (PVB) interlayer while delivering virtually all the same benefits of penetration, resistance and glass shard retention.


Saflex Acoustic interlayer suppresses the coincident dip of glass and is ideal for use in exterior laminated glazing to reduce rail, traffic, speech and other airborne noise, all aimed at improving building comfort through enhanced noise abatement. It’s also ideal for interior applications requiring sound reduction such as cubical dividers, office partitions and enclosed mall storefronts. Other Saflex Acoustic interlayer benefits are:


  • Delivers up to 10dB noise reduction (transmission loss) in the critical frequency range, compared to laminated glass made with conventional PVB interlayer.

  • Designed to achieve noise reduction in the building using the same traditional overall glass thicknesses and may be able to achieve desired acoustical performance with thinner configurations allowing for more flexibility in the air space for increased energy conservation.

  • Meets most safety glazing impacts requirements globally and can therefore be used in areas deemed as hazardous locations by the building code such as doors, skylights and overhead glazing.


Conventional PVB acoustic damping increases with interlayer thickness to a certain point. Saflex Acoustic interlayer decouples the reliance on interlayer thickness for high performing sound control. Since only a single layer of Saflex Acoustic is needed between two pieces of glass to provide high performance damping, this opens up the possibility of layering Saflex Acoustic with colors to add serenity to the peace and quiet.


We recommend a maximum of 4 layers of interlayer between two layers of glass. By combining Saflex Acoustic with Colors and/or Earth Tones, any of the one, two and three layer color combinations can be produced - not only providing comfort to the ears, but opening the possibility of comfort to the eyes! Using the combination of Saflex Acoustic plus Vanceva interlayer provides opportunities for color branding, wayfinding or façade individualization. All made possible through interlayer layering – with the added benefit of enhanced sound damping.


Saflex Acoustic thickness effect

Saflex Acoustic interlayer been measured with varying glass and interlayer thicknesses. Designed for acoustic damping, the highly engineered core of this interlayer is the workhorse in regards to damping. The skins of the interlayer – provide the processing, handling and impact performance that is expected from laminated glass with Saflex PVB. Multiple layers would only be necessary for increased penetration resistance, rigidity, processing of non-flat glazing (such as tempered) or to achieve color.


The tables and graphs below show the comparison of the various Saflex Acoustic interlayer thicknesses and the tested performance.



Figure 1: Saflex Acoustic series with 12 mm glass



Figure 2: Saflex Acoustic series with 10 mm glass



Figure 3: Saflex Acoustic series with 8 mm glass



Figure 4: Saflex Acoustic series with 6 mm glass



Figure 5: Saflex Acoustic series with 5 mm glass




Figure 6: Saflex Acoustic series with 4 mm glass



Figure 7: Saflex Acoustic series with 3 mm glass


Saflex Acoustic: The Serenity Solution

Saflex Acoustic is an excellent interlayer for glazing when acoustic damping is needed. The thinnest layer of Saflex Acoustic (0.51 mm) calculates to equivalent single number acoustic ratings as thicker formulations (1.52 mm or greater). Laminated glass constructions may require a thicker interlayer for impact, processing or color applications, and Saflex Acoustic can be combined with itself, conventional Saflex (R series) or Vanceva PVB interlayers. It is a flexible system that can offer peace, quiet and serenity – all in one piece of glass.

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