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Backlighting is a form of indirect illumination that can enhance the aesthetic of the buildings.

In backlighting, a light source is installed behind translucent laminated glass to make the glass appear as though it is “glowing”. Backlit panels can be walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, fins and other areas where glass can be used.  Diffuse light may be needed but the transparency of glass is not necessary.   Both the lighting and the PVB interlayer in the laminated glass can be colored to provide customized appearance.  The safety of these panels is important and they tend to invite people into proximity and touching of the panels.

Which products fit in?

Eastman has experience with multiple interlayer products being used in the design of the glazing for backlit panels:

  • Saflex Clear, the conventional PVB interlayer can be used for:
    • ​Safety: in case of glass breakage from human or accidental impact, the shards of broken glass will remain adhered to the interlayer providing a reduction in cutting or piercing injuries.  With properly glazed laminated glass in a framing system, fall through protection may also be provided.


  • Saflex Acoustic is an engineered tri-layer interlayer that provides enhanced sound damping between 1000 – 4000 Hertz (Hz) as compared to conventional PVB interlayer.   The enhanced performance may allow the glazing construction to be designed using less air space and/or thinner glass to achieve the same sound reduction rating versus conventional and historic practices. 

  • Vanceva® Earth Tones collection and Vanceva Colors interlayers bring forth the possibility of using a large range of color in a façade or as interior glazing without having to increase glass thickness to achieve color intensity, be delayed waiting for colored glass campaigns or ordering large quantities of custom colored glass.  Both products provide the flexibility to customize or modify and improve the aesthetic of the façade.

  • Saflex Structural PVB interlayer can be used in laminated glass configurations targeted for floors, stairs, fins, balustrades, guards and canopies.

Furthermore, the various types of Saflex and Vanceva interlayers mentioned above can be combined between two pieces of glass or in the same glazing configuration to improve the overall performance of the glazing system and contribute to the optimum performance of exterior structures.

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