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Advanced Interlayers Tools

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Saflex® Architectural Acoustic Demo

Design for effective sound reduction. Saflex® Acoustic Demo is an online noise simulator that demonstrates the performance of Saflex Acoustic and Saflex Clear PVB interlayers in various configurations.


This proprietary software, developed by Eastman, is intuitive and flexible tool that provides performance data for tested glass configurations and allows for estimates on custom glass configurations.  Specific performance targets (ie STC, OITC, Rw) and glazing characteristics (ie type, thickness) can be used as filters.


This proprietary software, developed by Eastman in conjunction with industry glass experts, is based on the methodologies of European (EN) and international (ASTM and ISO) standards for glass characteristics and design.

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Vanceva Color Selector

Create your next colored glass design online

At the Vanceva website, architects and designers can explore the unlimited color combinations available using the Vanceva color system for laminated glass. Within the virtual color selector, you can find the closest match to RAL, Pantone, or NCS colors. Then, order samples online to perform lighting tests, share with customers, and compare for compatibility with other project materials.