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New Saflex Accounts

Saflex accounts improve your experience

This new platform introduces many more features than the previous platform, with new tools, a reference guide, the Saflex gallery, and a vast library of technical documents. We're asking users to sign up for specific parts of the platform for a better overall experience, such as to use certain tools like the Structural Pro Tool.
I already have a Structural Pro account. Can I keep using these credentials?
No, uses a completely different account structure that gives you access to many other features. You'll need to sign up for a new account to keep using Structural Pro. This unique account will allow you to access all tools and features on this platform relevant to your job, making your life easier.


Saflex Tools

The new Saflex Tools section brings all our tools together in one convenient place. Watch this space as more tools get added over time. Accounts give you access to the right tools with one login.

> See the tools



Laminated Glass Basics

The Laminated Glass Basics section of the site has detailed articles on using Saflex products in a variety of applications, and describes the various performances that apply to Saflex. Certain sections contain cases and restricted information, and require an account to access.

> See the laminated glass basics section



Technical Documents

The technical documents page collects all Saflex related brochures and case studies in one convenient location. Access these documents for in-depth information about products and their applications. You'll need a new Saflex account to view some of the restricted documents relevant to your field of work.

> See the documents