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Whiteboards are the chalk boards of our modern era. Glass whiteboards are an efficient and creative application of laminated glass. Not only do the boards function well as a media surface, they are easy to clean and typically rated for human impact resistance as a safety glass – because they are laminated. The durability of the glass provides a virtually infinite use material that is not subject to "ink-ghosting" (those left behind characters that just do not erase) and removes the fear of using the wrong marker and ruining the board. Laminated whiteboards can also be created as magnetic white boards by combining a glass piece on front laminated to a metal sheet in the back, and they can serve as projection screens.


The panels, if used as walls can transform an entire room into a whiteboard where people can project presentations anywhere and write on the walls without fear of scolding, and you can do away with oversize sticky paper, tapes and tacks! You can also make the color of the glass two-sided with the white for the inside of the room and the outside a completely different color.

Which products fit in?

For whiteboards, Vanceva® Polar White color PVB interlayer is necessary because of the opacity and ability to provide a uniform color without streaks or pinholes.


Vanceva Polar White color PVB interlayer can be combined with other Vanceva colors and Saflex clear interlayers to provide additional benefits like enhanced impact resistance, acoustic damping and structural capacity.


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