Glass is a major part of modern building construction. And it’s no wonder. Glazing plays a big role in making a structure’s exterior visually pleasing. When used as a design element inside a building, it can transform and enliven living and workspaces. 

Glass makes a statement. Its color, transparency, reflectance, translucency, opacity, and texture influence architectural and interior design in myriad ways. When created with appropriate specified glass and colored PVB interlayers, the results can be stunning … and soothing. 

For laminated glass designed with Vanceva® interlayers, the sky’s the limit when it comes to style, color, glass, and translucency. Appreciated for its modern elegance, colored glass is ideal for both interior and exterior design, including curtain wall façades, windows, walls, dividers, skylights, ceilings, balustrades, stairs, doors, storefronts, furniture, and shelving. 

For more than 80 years, Saflex has been one of the world’s leading brand of protective interlayer for laminated glass. Our spectrum of colored decorative PVB interlayers include:

Vanceva® Earth Tones collection, an array of tranquil colored interlayers in shades typically associated with the Earth’s oceans and vast land masses: blues, greys, greens, browns, and bronzes.

Vanceva® Colors interlayer system, a collection of 16 foundational and vibrant colors that can be combined to obtain more than 17,000 transparent, translucent or solid options. 


Both the Earth Tones and Vanceva collections combine the creative design aspects of colored glass with the safety, security, UV screening, acoustic, and durability benefits normally associated with conventional PVB. 

What is Vanceva color system?

The Vanceva color interlayer system consists of eight foundation colors, two translucent white colors, four specialty colors, and solid white and black colors. Of these interlayers, any one, two, three or four can be combined to create a piece of colored laminated glass. With Vanceva, architects and designers are featuring glass like never before—combining color interlayers to produce more than 17,000 transparent, translucent, or solid colors that create just the right look and ambiance. No other PVB interlayer offers the range for colored laminated glass that Vanceva does.

Laminated glass made with Vanceva color interlayers delivers effective protection from harmful UV radiation, glare, and solar energy transmittance and reduces solar heat gain—blocking up to 99% of damaging UV light up to 380 nm to help retard color fading and the deterioration of fabrics and furnishings.

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Find the closest match of your RAL, Pantone, RGB or NCS code in Vanceva colors

Within the virtual color selector, you can find the closest match to RAL, Pantone, RGB or NCS colors. Then, order samples online to perform lighting tests, share with customers, and compare for compatibility with other project materials.

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Vanceva White Collection

For interior and exterior applications alike, Vanceva’s white interlayers enable aesthetic designs with the perfect play of light and uniform near opacity — creating private settings that still let light shine in.

The Vanceva White Collection comes in a wide array of choices, allowing designers and architects to specify the light transmittance, solar absorption, heat gain coefficient, and U-factor they need:


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Vanceva Earth Tones Collection

Vanceva Earth Tones Collection offers an array of natural earth tones, these polyvinyl butyral (PVB) films also bring greater aesthetics, warmth, and serenity to any architectural space.  

Traditional methods of making colored glass can be costly, particularly when the volume of colored glass is small. And not all colored glass may be appropriate for building codes and requirements. With Vanceva Earth Tones,  architects and designers have an innovative option to expand their creative boundaries and fulfill their vision without sacrificing structural integrity.

Select from a range of 11 earth tones in shades of blue, grey, green, brown, and bronze—colors that are all similar to industry standard glass tints when laminated in clear glass. Saflex color interlayers allow architects and designers to achieve varying light transmissions without having to vary glass thickness or sacrifice structural performance.

To resist fading, these PVB films are made with heat- and light-stable colorants. As a result, they are ideal for both interior and exterior applications, including balconies, curtain walls, atriums, skylights, partitions, and conference rooms.



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