Eastman Saflex LiteCarbon™Clear

Launching October 22

Unlock sustainable solutions 

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Saflex™ FlySafe™ 3D

Saflex™ FlySafe™ 3D

More effective options with different sequin sizes and colors.

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High-performance PVB interlayers

Discover boundless architectural possibilities with our PVB interlayers!

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​Architectural Acoustic Demo

​Architectural Acoustic Demo

Online noise simulator that demonstrates the performance of Saflex PVB interlayers in various configurations.

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Saflex Sustainability

Windows of opportunity for greater sustainability

We are committed to proactively learning about, developing, and advocating sustainable laminated glass solutions that enable more environmentally friendly buildings and vehicles.


Saflex is now on BSD Speclink!

You can now find Eastman Saflex® and Vanceva® products on BSD Speclink, a platform designed to simplify sharing and collaborating on building project specifications.


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Know your interlayers

You can now find Eastman Saflex® and Vanceva® products on Barbour Product Search, an online search platform to help the construction market source building materials. With their new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation program, architects can learn more about our high-performance interlayers and earn one credit for their continuing education. 

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The right color. The right properties. Check it before you spec it.

The Saflex® and Vanceva® PVB interlayers are compatible with each other, so architects and designers can benefit from all their benefits and superior aesthetics. For colored, laminated glass Vanceva Color options allow for over 17,000 transparent, translucent, or solid colors. You can design multilayerd laminated glass tailored to your specific needs using this online configurator. Developed in partnership with glassAdvisor, this web app is a simulation of how various Saflex interlayers combine with key properties and color information.

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Building applications

Learn more about the requirements per building application and make sure you specify the right Saflex product for it.

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Right tools for the job

Saflex lets you test your designs in minutes with our online designing tools (structural calculation, determine optimal glass performance to meet acoustic performance and color matching).Your Saflex toolbox may be free, but it's invaluable.

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Structure your ideas

Saflex involvement in building and construction is widespread—and spreading. We supply advanced, high performance PVB interlayers that enhance glass in terms of safety, security, strength, solar/UV control, style, and sound control.
We are dedicated to the building and construction industry, especially in the development of innovative material solutions that solve the market’s most challenging problems. Our products are designed to provide exceptional performance, quality, and durability.


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Saflex brings the knowledge in place

Through on-demand webinars, our experts will guide you through technical details, advantages and opportunities brought by our products while also guiding you how best to use some of our calculation tools. Various topics, interesting discissions and detailed information on our products are now available for you in our online library.

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Continuing Education

Browse our courses (AIA CEU credits) on laminated glass usage. You do not have much time? No problem. Simply request a Lunch & Learn training session.


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