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Edificio AA81 Torre Rioja


  • Total m2: 23,000 m2

  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Completion year: 2015
  • Architects: Ignacio Cristos Ayala
  • Glass Laminator: Ariño Duglass S.A. |  
  • Featured Products: Saflex® Acoustic (QS31)
  • Photo credits: © Ariño Duglass S.A.

Madrid’s LEED® Platinum Torre Rioja building showcases sound damping technology.  

Saflex® Acoustic quiets street bustle  to create an optimal workplace environment.

Recently awarded LEED® Platinum certification, Torre Rioja AA81 building in Madrid, Spain, is now a showcase for world-class green building with noise absorbing glass technology. After a total rehabilitation that included replacement of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems as well as replacement of its glass façade, Torre Rioja received the award in the LEED category of Core & Shell with 97 out of 100 possible points. 

The glass windows on all five floors of Torre Rioja were replaced with new windows featuring Saflex® Acoustic PVB interlayer. Saflex Acoustic multilayer acoustic product can be used in place of or in conjunction with traditional glass interlayers to produce enhanced acoustical glazing systems.

Saflex Acoustic PVB is an advanced three-layer system designed to decouple and disseminate sound waves for superior sound damping performance. This patented system targets sounds in the 1000–3000 Hz range which is in the most sensitive range of human hearing. The 1000–3000 Hz range is where glass can be most transmissive, allowing some of the most irritating sounds to penetrate windows. Utilizing Saflex Acoustic PVB in laminated glass for window and door systems can result in a reduction of up to 10 decibels in the critical frequency range versus conventional interlayers in laminated glass. A 10 decibel reduction equates to a 50% reduction in perceived loudness.

Saflex Acoustic PVB provides laminated glass the advantage of delivering a beautiful new exterior aesthetic with increased noise abatement for the interior. Additionally, Saflex Acoustic PVB interlayer delivers the well-known characteristics 
of laminated glass—safety and security, enhanced UV screening, and exceptional durability—giving the Torre Rioja a multifunctional, high performance glazing for the façade.

Buildings designed to LEED standards directly impact factors such as employee health, reduction of absenteeism, and improved productivity. Because Torre Rioja is located inside an up-and-coming yet very busy industrial neighborhood, Saflex Acoustic PVB interlayer was used in the laminated glass installed in their building so that tenants are ensured a quieter work environment. 

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification evaluates sustainable strategies that have been implemented in the building according to its location, water consumption, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, innovation, CO2 footprint, material and resources, and waste management throughout its useful life.

When installed in both new construction or renovation projects, Saflex Acoustic in laminated glass may contribute to a higher quality of life for workers and result in a boost in productivity.

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