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Saflex™ Storm PVB interlayer

Storm and cyclone resistant interlayer for laminated glass

Saflex Storm interlayers are specifically designed and formulated to meet the exacting building requirements for laminated glass in severe wind and windborne debris markets.  These are tough, resilient interlayers that provide rigidity, strength, glass adhesion, and protection against windborne debris and flying objects.  Laminated glass made with Saflex Storm PVB interlayer is designed to retain glass shards in post breakage scenarios. 

Whereas no single product offers complete protect from a powerful cyclone or storm, these solutions can be used to help maintain the building envelope and aid in keeping the structure intact throughout the duration of severe wind storms, and until replacement can be made of any broken or damaged glazing.  Saflex Storm interlayers can be used for impact resistant glazing design of normal and essential facilities.  Common large missile impact protection from a flying timber and small missile protection at higher elevations and increased wind loads can be achieved with these products.

The window systems, missile and pressure requirements change based on the type and location of the building, category of a storm and the expected performance criteria for the world region.  Therefore, there are three basic product options for this market:

  • Saflex Clear, the conventional polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer, when assembled at the appropriate thickness, provides a well-balanced laminate.  Capable of resisting the impact of the windborne debris and fitting into most traditionally designed systems, while additionally delivering performance in the areas of forced entry resistance, acoustic control and UV screening.  

  • Saflex High Protection (HP), which is constructed of two layers of Saflex DM interlayer for a 2.54 mm thickness, provides higher capability with regard to size and pressure versus conventional PVB interlayer, while still delivering the benefits of glass shard retention, acoustic control and UV screening for both large and small missile applications.  Saflex HP is a very high adhesion interlayer which demonstrates excellent edge stability and sealant compatibility.

  • Finally, Saflex Storm is a composite interlayer constructed of PVB and Film.  This interlayer, product code VSON, provides higher capability with regard to size and pressure versus Saflex HP along with tear resistance during cycling.  Saflex Storm composite interlayer performs in both large and small missile applications while delivering the added benefits of forced entry resistance, acoustic control and UV screening.  Saflex Storm composite interlayer is also a very high adhesion interlayer which demonstrates excellent edge stability and sealant compatibility.

All three product options are also compatible with the Vanceva™ Colors and Earth Tones interlayer systems, so architects and designers can create safe spaces without sacrificing style or comfort.  

Enhanced security against forced entry

Saflex provides additional security applications against ballistics attacks, bomb blasts, forced entry and similar forms of vandalism. As glass building design becomes increasingly popular, the need for additional security has risen. Saflex PVB interlayers for laminated glass can be incorporated into structures and act as a critical line of defense in preventing injury and loss from manufactured threats ranging from simple impact to multi-assault events. 
Saflex is tested in accordance with various security standards. 


Curtain walls, storefronts, sloped and overhead glazing, clip/fixed point systems 

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