Saflex® SoundPro

Find the best acoustic glass configuration with Saflex® SoundPro

Saflex SoundPro is helpful, free, proprietary software that Eastman developed to help you make the best glass configuration selection for your project, and it is available online at

Intuitive and flexible, our SoundPro tool provides acoustic performance data for tested glass configurations as well as estimates on custom glass configurations. SoundPro was designed to use specific performance targets (such as STC, OITC, and Rw) and glazing characteristics (such as interlayer type, glass or interlayer thickness, or airspace) as filters, so your search responses are not overwhelmed with more data than you need.

When designing with glass, an acoustic rating is helpful in determining how well a space will function acoustically. This is critical for interior spaces where noise levels can be disruptive, affect conversation, and even have an adverse impact on health and productivity. Exterior noises such as crowds, traffic, and weather need to be minimized, ideally toward elimination. Therefore, architects and engineers pay attention to how materials such as glass and glazing can help attenuate or damp sound. Our SoundPro tool is an easy way to select the right glass configuration for your project.


The Saflex SoundPro database is ever expanding.

The SoundPro database currently has 200+ tested glazings available, and it will continue to increase over time with usage. Information is currently listed for the following glazing types:

  • Monolithic (one report per thickness up to 12 mm)
  • Insulating (limited number of tests for reference only)
  • Laminated (Saflex Acoustic [Q series], Saflex Clear [R series], and combinations of Saflex Acoustic layered with Saflex Clear)
  • Laminated IG (laminated glass toward interior)
  • Double-laminated IG (various)

Reports are generated in Eastman format and serve as guidance only.


How SoundPro works

SoundPro calculates glass usage by performance or glazing configuration. Performance targets are selected based on acoustic ratings, and results are revealed immediately. All data presented is for glass-only testing. No frames are utilized in the testing to ensure accurate comparison of the glass configuration can be made without external variables. 
To narrow matching results, the following filters can be applied:

  • Interlayer type, selecting from three options:
    • None—monolithic or standard insulating unit
    • Conventional —Saflex Clear (R series)
    • Acoustic—Saflex Acoustic (Q series plus Saflex Q + R combinations)
  • Interlayer thickness
  • Glazing type

Overall glass thickness (allowing for input of minimum and maximum glazing thickness, including insulating gap)


The results

SoundPro provides a two-page report with performance data for the project information, calculations, configuration, interlayer, ratings, test details, and glazing unit details when data is available on a tested unit. It also provides a sound transmission loss (TL) graph and transmission loss data at each one-third octave band frequency. A single-page estimation is offered where possible. Typically, this does not contain the TL graph unless it is able to be estimated.

A brief review of acoustic ratings

  • Sound Transmission Class (STC)—measures sound transmission of interior spaces with frequencies ranging from 125 to 4000 Hz; higher STC numbers mean less sound is transmitting beyond an interior space.
  • Outside-Inside Transmission Class (OITC)—measures sound transmission of low- to mid-frequency noises through exterior walls and windows with frequencies ranging from 80 Hz to 4000 Hz, best for measuring sound-control performance of windows.
  • Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw)—the European equivalent to STC; however, Rw is not limited by deficiencies at any single one-third octave band. Higher Rw numbers mean better sound reduction.

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