Does staying inside protect you from the sun?

Does staying inside protect you from the sun?



Not if you are near an unprotected window, say experts. The sun’s damaging UVA rays (315–400 nm) can pass through windows any time of the year and expose occupants to harmful radiation. Consistent exposure over an extended period of time can cause skin cancers, wrinkles, sagging, and premature age spots. But there is an easy, around-the-clock solution—laminated glass made with Saflex® and Vanceva® architectural grade PVB interlayers. All Saflex architectural grade interlayers screen 99% of UV radiation from 300–380 nm. And Saflex UV, a specially formulated high-UV screening formulation, screens out 99% of UV radiation from 300–400 nm.


How dangerous is it to sit by a window?

It’s quite dangerous, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Many people incorrectly assume that if you are indoors, you are safe from the sun’s radiation. But if your desk is by a window, UV rays can penetrate the glass. UVB radiation, the primary sunburn-causing rays, are typically blocked by glass, so people feel like they are safe because they aren’t seeing a rapid change to their skin. However, the equally sinister UVA radiation is able to come through glass, and those are the rays that cause premature skin aging and could contribute to the development of skin cancer. UVA radiation accounts for 90% of the sun’s most damaging effects and is present all day every day of the year.

We all love to enjoy natural light while indoors, and the use of Saflex and Vanceva interlayers in laminated glass allows you to work, read, study, or relax with minimalconcern for the accumulated effects of UV radiation.

Architects who are already using our wide variety of Saflex and Vanceva interlayers for safety, security, structural, acoustic, or storm protection will be pleased to know that a reduced potential for skin cancer due to much of the UV radiation being effectively blocked by glazing containing Saflex and Vanceva interlayers is an added benefit they are bringing to the occupants of their buildings. Ask your Eastman representative for more information on UV protection with Saflex and Vanceva interlayers inlaminated glass.




Seal of recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation

Saflex and Vanceva interlayers1 are so effective in warding off the sun’s harmful rays that they have received the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation. To receive the Seal of Recommendation, Saflex interlayers were extensively evaluated by a photobiology committee (experts in the study of the interaction of ultraviolet radiation and the skin). Scientific data for Eastman’s portfolio of interlayers was provided to the committee, and the recommendation was awarded based on the committee’s strict criteria for safe and effective sun protection.

No matter what your next project may be, consider glazing systems with Saflex and Vanceva interlayers as proven UV protection for the most important things inside buildings—people.


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