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Centre Point, London


  • Location: London, UK
  • Completion year: 2017
  • Architects: Rick Mather Architects |
  • Exterior/interior design: Conran + Partners 
  • Glass Laminator: Ariño Duglass S.A. |
  • Featured Products: Saflex Acoustic (QS41)
  • Photo credits: © Ariño Duglass S.A.

Saflex Acoustic Ensures Quiet, Elegant Living in the Heart of the Bustling City.

In a city of amazing architecture spanning centuries, one modernistic skyscraper stands out with its distinctive concrete pattern and height. Built in the 1960s as office space, Centre Point is an instantly recognizable London landmark. Better suited for residential living, developer Almacantar bought the complex in 2011 and started the building’s transformation in 2015 with the help of Rick Mather Architects, Conran and Partners design, and Ariño Duglass S.A. glaziers.

The concept transforms the iconic 34-story tower into 82 one- to five-bedroom high-end residential apartments with panoramic views that include Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Tower Bridge. The lower level includes a 
30-meter pool, spa and fitness facilities, and glazed bridge linking the tower to Centre Point House, a nine-story block building featuring retail shops and restaurants. Beneath Centre Point tower and bridge, where double-decker buses once passed, stands a new, 15,000-sq ft pedestrian square.

In addition to changing the overall use of the Grade-II listed Centre Point complex, the transformation was completed to ensure reduced energy consumption with a high performance shell and inner core. Replacing all glass panels with the Saflex Acoustic PVB interlayer, adding internal high performance insulation, and installing a central combined heat and power system were the trifecta for this energy win. 

By using Saflex Acoustic for the Centre Point tower, the design team was able to provide tenants in the above apartments and businesses with a quiet, serene environment. This multilayer acoustic product is designed with improved handling and processability. Laminators can produce glass laminates with enhanced acoustical properties compared to laminates made with standard polyvinyl butyral (PVB). Even Crossrail, the new high-speed railway that will be part of the square, will not be a noisy distraction to residents. Other desired benefits supplied by Saflex Acoustic to the project are thermal, solar, and light performance; exceptional durability; and resistance to delamination when exposed to heat and humidity.

With this recent transformation, Centre Point is equipped to continue to serve as an architectural navigational tool for Londoners for many years to come.

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