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Sampa Sky


Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Completion: July 2021
Structural engineer: HolyGlass Engenharia
Glass laminator: Guardian Glass
Featured products: Saflex® Structural and Saflex® Clear PVB interlayers

Sampa Sky gives visitors a clear, unprecedented and breathtaking view of São Paulo,
Brazil — from 150 meters over the city streets.
For a fully immersive experience, the glass platforms slide up to 2 meters out of the
building. The decks include 10-mm glass from Guardian Glass and three 10-mm layers
of Saflex Structural PVB interlayers, ensuring the strength to accommodate 30 tons with
total safety. The facade features two layers of 6-mm Guardian Sunlight with Saflex Clear
PVB interlayers.
Safety and structural integrity are vital to Sampa Sky’s success. After all, each deck
weighs approximately 4 tons. But superior aesthetics and transparency are equally
important. There were other considerations, including solar control, edge delamination
and UV protection. Saflex PVB interlayers have inherent properties and can be
combined with other Saflex PVB interlayers to ensure greater visitor comfort and
acoustic control while reducing the environmental impact and energy consumption.

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