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Going bold

Integrating large-scale glass and color

From a laminated glass perspective, larger glass is being specified much more often than it was 20 years ago. These large panels tend to be laminated to ensure glass shard retention and redundancy when broken, along with other value-added characteristics. Interlayers have been produced in jumbo (3.2-m) width for decades. Now, large panels are being designed with color in mind.




Uniformity of thickness and coverage are crucial

Glass fabricators have the option of using tinted float glass, frit, paints, inks, coatings, films, or interlayers to create the desired color. However, uniformity of thickness and coverage are crucial. Any change in thickness, uniformity of coverage, or pinholes are concerns when fabricating and may require rigorous attention as the overall size increases. The increased demand and need for large panels has also caused an increase in the need for large-size colored interlayers such as Vanceva® Color PVB interlayers.

Interlayers are produced with uniform color, transmittance, and thickness. They may be layered to create multiple hues from a few base colors and can contribute natural, bright, soft, or intense colors without adding significant thickness. In fact, the nominal thickness of laminated glass can remain the same but can be made in multiple visible light transmittances just by changing the interlayer.


Go big, go bold, and go laminated!

Whites in various transmittance levels have traditionally been in high demand as a neutral color option. Shades of blue, bronze, and grey are also traditional in-demand colors and are part of the Vanceva Earth Tone collection. However, in more recent years, jumbo glass is being produced in vibrant colors of orange, pink, purple, and green. The move toward these bright colors has stemmed from a need for building awareness, notoriety, and wayfinding. Often these colors help identify and differentiate buildings as well as help create brand association and brand awareness. Go big, go bold, and go laminated!


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