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Finding clarity through low-iron glass

Better edge beauty with Saflex® Crystal Clear and low-iron glass

Low-iron glass is so clear it can make any sunrise or sunset breathtaking, any ocean view more spectacular, and any busy, city street look more vibrant and alive. Low-iron glass allows life’s true colors to shine through without even a hint of the blue-green commonly associated with traditional float glass. It’s this color neutrality that makes low-iron glass so appealing to architects and designers.




Superior qualities

Toning down the tint from iron in traditional, clear glass is achieved either by using low-iron silica sand or by adding components such as cobalt and selenium to the manufacturing process to counterbalance the greenish tint. The result is a glass that is nearly colorless, increases light transmission, and has less color impact than traditional, clear glass. Low-iron glass is a favorite for projects showcasing large glass panels such as oversized windows or interior partitions as well as showcase cabinets and displays.

Low-iron glass allows objects on display to take center stage. Artwork and artifacts, books and historical documents, and jewelry can be viewed in their truest forms behind the safety of glass. From any angle, under any light, low-iron glass can present the highest transparency and the sharpest clarity.


Invisible strength

Because of its use in large-scale building applications, it is often necessary that low-iron glass be impact-resistant and meet safety and security requirements. Eastman developed Saflex Crystal Clear PVB for use with low-iron glass such as Guardian UltraClear®. When used together, they create a laminated safety glass that renders the PVB interlayer virtually unnoticeable along exposed edges as the colors match so closely.

But don’t be fooled by its virtually undetectable appearance. While Saflex Crystal Clear PVB is barely noticeable, it can resist entry or penetration in cases of bomb blasts, ballistic attack, forced entry, or vandalism. To be clear—there are no trade-off to safety as this interlayer meets all performance requirements for safety and security, and it delivers glass shard resistance, noise abatement, and long-term durability. Ideally, architects and designers would use this low-iron laminated glass combination where safety glazing is needed and undistorted color views are desired.


Design freedom

Even when thicker glass is required, low-iron glass maintains its clarity and beauty at the edge. Saflex Crystal Clear also allows the lamination of thick, jumbo-size glass without the risk of cloudiness—and provides architects and designers the sizing flexibility they need.

With Saflex Crystal Clear PVB interlayer and low-iron glass, what you see is the real aesthetics of scenery and objects shining through.


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