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Nordahl Grieg School


  • Ubicación: Bergen, Norway 
  • Architects: LINK arkitektur AS
  • Glass Laminator: facade: Bolseth Glass AS
    interior: Åsana byggnesterforretning AS
  • Photos: Hundven-Clements

Bright Colors Light Up School, Community, Norway’s Darkest Region

In a region of Norway characterized by dark winter months and constant rain, the Nordahl Grieg High School provides a bright spot of sunshine against the dominating drabness of the local climate. During the approximately 240 dark days per year, the façade glows with bright colors and communicates a positive and friendly vibe. On the occasional sunny day, the lively hues illuminate indoor surfaces with a show of light and color play.
 When designing the school, the architects endeavored to express the energy and dynamism of the adolescent pupils that would be studying within. The use of color in the building’s design perfectly reflects the animated atmosphere of a school and helps to improve the attitudes of both students and teachers. The building also interacts with the local facilities, casting its cheery quality out into the surrounding environment and brightening the whole atmosphere.
The freedom allowed by using the Vanceva® color system for laminated glass brought a unique quality to the colors of the school. From the multi-hued façade to the integration of color within the classrooms, bright blues, reds, and oranges delight at every turn.