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Clinica Oftalmógica Novovisión


  • Date Completed: 1/1/1901 
  • Decorador: Ignacio Návalos 
  • Instalador: Cristalería Cristamarc 

  • Ubicación: Murcia, Spain
  • Glass Laminator: Control Glass (grupo Unión Vidriera) |
  • Photos: Control Glass

A Fresh and Modern Aesthetic Gives New Energy to Clinic

A typical medical consultation can be an unpleasant experience for some, but not at the Ophthalmological Clinic Novovision. Strikingly colorful curved panels crafted of laminated glass occupy this minimalist space and provide visitors with an aesthetically pleasing environment. The serpentine continuity of three curved glass cylinder easily leads the eye through this space. Solid panels of color evoke a sense of cleanliness without slipping into the lackluster austerity of most medical clinics. The glass panels also provide an important measure of privacy for patients while maintaining the space’s open environment. 
The versatility of Vanceva® color technology in the world of architecture has made it a go-to material for the Control Glass company. In this project especially, its ability to curve gives the space a modern minimalist atmosphere that excites viewers at every turn. The bright blue and vivid green glass panels are attached to the floor and ceiling with iron connectors and feature pivot doors to maintain their curvature. A fine strip of LED lights in the ceiling creates a glimmering reflection in the glass. The architect of the project describes the end result as “a clinical space with nothing conventional, flooded with light and the freshness of color.”