A New PVB Option in Structural Glazing:
Saflex® DG Interlayer

Product Benefits:

  • Sustain higher uniform loads-retain safety after breakage
  • Superior edge stability and resistance to delamination
  • Enhanced glass strength enables super large glass lites
  • Thinner glass configurations save weight and cost.
  • Superwide-3.2M format lowers cost and facilitates production.
  • Compatible with the entire range of Vanceva® color


  • Overhead Glazing
  • Glass Floors
  • Curtain walls
  • Railings
  • Stairs
  • Balconies
  • Canopies
  • Point glazing systems
  • Clip systems
  • Captured system
  • Exposed edge laminates

Saflex® DG structural interlayer is a tough, resilient film produced from plasticized polyvinyl butyral (PVB). It is designed specifically as an interlayer for applications where increased interlayer rigidity and high glass adhesion are required relative to standard glazing interlayers. Saflex DG provides superior structural capacity versus standard PVB interlayers and is designed with ease of processing in mind. Saflex DG also offers design flexibility as it is compatible with other Saflex and Vanceva products.

Laminated glass as a building material has experienced a striking upsurge in recent years as glass use in facades and interiors has become so coveted. Tempered glass produced to meet the human impact requirements has been used for years. The awareness and risk of sudden rupture, failure and fall-out caused by nickel sulfide inclusions, processing or installation has been heightened by coverage in glazing industry trade journals. Although tempered glass has been traditionally used for its load strength and safe break characteristic, the fragmentation upon breakage that showers from tall buildings can become dangerous and affect pedestrian well being, cause vehicular damage and even close down passageways and roadways for long durations. This can affect retail, hospitality and in some cases emergency services.

Saflex DG combines the benefits of a rigid interlayer with the features of glass containment, UV screening, edge stability, clarity and noise abatement.

Similar to the formulation used in aircraft windscreens, and built upon the performance specific attributes of cyclone/hurricane and typhoon resistant PVB interlayers, Saflex DG interlayer is unlike standard PVB interlayer in that it is significantly more rigid. As such, Saflex DG interlayer in a properly designed system, is capable of keeping glass intact at high and low temperatures, even after impact and under load. Saflex DG is unique in that it combines the meaningful performance and processing characteristics while allowing for balanced engineering practices which can lead to more efficient whole building design.

Assembly and lamination properties that have come to be expected from other Saflex® brand PVB interlayer products are applicable to Saflex DG. Information regarding the safe handling and storage of Saflex DG can be found in the Material Safety Data Sheet that is available from the Advanced Interlayers Sales.


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