Create Dynamic Spaces with Saflex®

Saflex® extends the technical and aesthetic benefits of architectural glazing, offering exciting, new solutions for architectural applications. From noise reduction in interior spaces with Saflex SilentGlass Technologyâ„¢ to impact protection in safety and security applications, Saflex has a product to fit your toughest glazing challenge.

For more than 80 years, Saflex has led the industry as the world leader in PVB (Polyvinyl butyral) interlayer production. As a result, Saflex extends the frontiers of performance glazing for architects and designers creating designs that demand the highest level of technical efficiency. Combining diverse creative solutions and technical performance, Saflex enables architects around the world to realize their boldest and most innovative architectural and interior designs that result in unique and exciting spaces.

Saflex is used in the following laminated glass applications:

  • Interior Applications: Partitions, doors, windows, skylights, furniture, balustrades, retail shelving, flooring
  • Exterior Applications: Doors, windows, curtain walls, wall coverings, overhead glazing, etc.

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