Saflex interlayer technology can contribute UV protection, sound mitigation, impact resistance and color quality to laminated glass.

A Saflex Solution for Every Application

Saflex extends the technical and aesthetic benefits of architectural glazing, offering exciting, new solutions for architectural applications. Our products serve a variety of glazing needs. At left, you will find our product offering brochures that are available for download. These can help you with glazing configurations and specifications of products designed to meet the following needs:

Safety: Saflex® interlayer provides around the clock protection from windborne debris in areas prone to hurricane and other natural disasters. Saflex has a wide range of products to meet or exceed large and small missile criteria requirements of the most stringent hurricane codes. These products are also highly resistant to the dynamic racking motions of an earthquake helping to maintain the integrity of the building envelope and prevent injury and damage from glass fallout.

Storm/Hurricane: The severe and complex nature of hurricane winds creates special challenges for buildings – and for architects and designers who must address those challenges in hurricane-prone regions. While no single product offers complete protection from hurricanes, typhoons and violent storms, laminated glass windows and doors made with Saflex, Saflex HP or Saflex Storm protective interlayers can be a critical first line of defense.

Security: Saflex interlayer in laminated glazing can provide significant protection over monolithic glass products in resisting man made threats. Globally, architects and designers rely on these protective interlayers to help them meet regional standards and norms for bomb blast, ballistics and forced entry applications.

UV/Solar: Saflex interlayer in combination with appropriate glass types, can effectively manage heat build-up, as well as help reduce fading and damage from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Much like sun block, Saflex interlayer products screen out and virtually eliminates most harmful and damaging UV rays. In fact, Saflex interlayer filters out almost 99% of these rays which is the equivalent of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 50+.

Structural: Current "daylighting" and design trends drive the increased use of glass in building design. As a result, architects and designers need glazing products that can help them bring more natural light into a building without sacrificing structural integrity. Saflex interlayer for laminated glass helps create solutions for a variety of glazing performance needs and aesthetic design goals.

Acoustic: Saflex has a broad range of acoustical interlayer solutions to achieve acoustical design goals. Through the use of Saflex interlayer, there is no need to increase the overall thickness of the glass or the air space to achieve the desired level of performance. Additionally, visual clarity and optical quality are not sacrificed to achieve this superior performance.

Color: Saflex color interlayers provide a range of 11 earth tone colors in shades of blues, grays, greens, browns and bronzes that can be used in interior and exterior applications. These shades were created to match industry standard glass tints. Custom colors can also be created with Vanceva colors.

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