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General (where to buy, pricing, etc.)

Where can I buy laminated glass made Saflex interlayers?
Laminated glass made with Saflex® or Vanceva® color interlayers can be purchased from leading glass manufacturers or fabricators. For a complete listing of glass fabricators or manufacturers, please visit our website Many replacement windshields are also made with Saflex interlayers.

What is the price of finished laminated glass?
To get a quote of finished laminated glass, please contact a glass fabricator by visiting our website at .

Does Saflex manufacture laminated safety glass?
No. Saflex is a manufacturer of protective interlayers that are then sold to glass fabricators or manufacturers who then laminate the interlayer between two sheets of glass (laminated safety glass). For a list of glass fabricators or manufacturers, please visit our website at .

What is laminated safety glass?
Laminated safety glass consists of a tough protective interlayer made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) bonded together between two panes of glass under heat and pressure. Once sealed together, the glass "sandwich" behaves as a single unit and looks like normal glass. When laminated safety glass is used in a properly designed window or windshield, it can reduce the risk of injury from broken glass because the glass clings to the interlayer upon impact. By holding the glass in place, the interlayer provides protection from dangerous flying or falling glass fragments.

In addition to proven safety protection, other benefits inherent with laminated glass include:

Security: Provides burglary and forced-entry resistance, ballistic (bullet) protection and bomb blast resistance.

Structural: Can meet structural codes and building standards in a variety of applications such as overhead glazing, insulated glass units and glass floors to name a few.

Acoustic: Reduces the transmission of unwanted sound into a building/vehicle environment.

Solar: Filtering more than 99 percent of UV rays, controlling visible light radiation & reducing heat build-up & thermal stress.

In addition, Saflex interlayers for safety protection are available in a range of earth and sky tone shades, enabling architects to specify laminated glass to match industry standard tinted glazing. Interlayers are also available in a range of translucent whites that can be used alone or combined with Saflex standard colors to create a broad array of aesthetic designs for safety glazing.

What is PVB?
PVB stands for polyvinyl butyral, a tough, plastic interlayer comprised of resin, plasticizer and other materials. These elements are combined and extruded into a thin plastic sheet which is used to make laminated safety glass. Laminated glass is commonly used in the automotive and architectural fields. Today, PVB is also used to encapsulate thin film photovoltaic panels.

What is the price of PVB interlayers?
If you are a glass fabricator or manufacturer and wish to learn more about Saflex products and pricing, please visit our website at and click on ‘Contact Us’. Send us an email and a representative from our commercial team will contact you shortly.

Where is laminated glass used?
Generally speaking, laminated glass is mostly used for safety / security applications as a result of building codes or norms that require higher levels of protection against breakage compared to standard glass. It is also required in 100% of laminated windshields in vehicles worldwide.

Architectural safety and security external applications include doors, windows, curtain walls, overhead glazing, railings, skylights, canopies, among others. For internal applications, safety / security laminated glass is used for doors, windows, partitions, floors, railings, retail shelving or display cases, furniture, balustrades, etc. Automotive applications include windshields, acoustic windshields, laminated side glass and laminated glass roofs.

What is the warranty?
Only a glass fabricator / manufacturer carries a warranty on the finished laminated glass units.

Where can I find technical information on your products?
The best way to access technical data for Saflex products is to access the Technical Library on the Saflex website. If the information you are seeking is not available in the Technical Library, please submit a question using the ‘Contact Us’ form below.

Does Saflex offer films?
The Saflex brand does not manufacture or market window films. Our parent company, Solutia, does have a window film division called CP Films which is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar control and safety film for both automotive and architectural applications. To learn more, please visit CP Films at

I’m interested in becoming a laminator. Who can I contact?
Please submit a question using the ‘Contact Us’ form below. A representative from the commercial team will contact you shortly.

Vanceva Color Studio

Where can I buy laminated glass using Vanceva colors?
An updated list of recommended fabricators is available through Customer Service, Sales Managers, Technical Service Department or on our website at

How much does laminated glass using Vanceva cost?
Saflex manufactures laminated glazing interlayers and supplies these interlayers to our partner customers who laminate them within glass. For a list of qualified fabricators who can provide price quotations for a specific project, please visit our website at

Can I order Vanceva laminated glass from you?
Saflex does not sell finished laminated glass for use in commercial or residential projects. To order laminated glass with Vanceva colors, you can contact a Saflex certified glass fabricator by visiting our website at If you’re interested in purchasing a small Vanceva color sample, please click on the Vanceva Color Studio tap in the main navigation at the top of the page.

What color matching systems do you suggest?
For North American customers, many of our Vanceva color products are matched to the Pantone color system. In Europe, many of our colors are matched to the RAL system.

Please keep in mind that the Pantone and RAL matches we show are the ‘closest matches’ due to the inherent differences in comparing laminated glass with PVB interlayers and the printed swatches as provided by Pantone. This is also true when comparing a finished Vanceva color sample with the Vanceva colors as they are presented on the website. Monitors use the RGB color system which makes it difficult to provide exact colors matches.

Where can I find additional technical information on the colors?
Technical information on Vanceva colors can be found on the Vanceva Color Studio page of this website. To access technical information on a specific Vanceva color code, access the Vanceva Color Collections and click on a color code below the swatch. Technical information (ie solar transmittance, light transmission, absorbed color, solar head gain coefficient, U-factor) for the chosen color will appear. If you need additional technical information, please contact us directly by filling out the form below.

Are outdoor applications okay for laminated glass using Vanceva?
Yes. Examples for exterior applications include doors, windows, curtain walls, wall coverings, and overhead glazing among others. Saflex recommends to assess the risk of thermal breakage for EACH project where laminated glazing featuring Vanceva colors will be used for exterior applications (facades, roof, sunscreen, balconies...). If the simulation shows that indeed there is a risk, heat strengthened or fully tempered glass should be used in place of annealed glass. This simulation should be carried out by your glass supplier. To contact a Saflex certified glass fabricators, visit our website at

Ordering Vanceva Color Samples

How do I order Vanceva color samples?
First, visit the Vanceva Color Studio website by going to our website at . From there, click on the Vanceva Color Studio tab (at the top) and click on color studio. In this area, you can choose colors by collections or by using the custom color program. If you know your four digit Vanceva color code, you can add this number in the Vanceva code field. Once you decide on a color, add it to the shopping cart and check out when ready.

When ordering you will provide payment with a major credit card. Please allow for 10 – 14 days to receive your sample. Vanceva color samples can only be ordered via the website.

If you need a sample that requires a specific type of glass, low e coating or other specification, please contact a glass fabricator or manufacturer directly by visiting our website at

What sizes are available for samples?
Vanceva colors samples come in 4inch (10cm) squares. Other sizes may be available upon request by contacting us directly. Additional charges will apply for custom size samples.

Can I order 12inch (30cm) samples?
Vanceva colors samples typically come in 4 inch (10cm) squares. 12 inch (30cm) sample sizes may be available upon request by contacting us directly through the form below. Additional charges will apply for these samples.

Can I expedite my Vanceva sample order?
We currently are not able to overnight samples purchased on our website.

What are lead times for ordering?
For samples ordered with in United States, leads times are typically between 7 and 10 days. For samples ordered within Europe, lead times are typically between 10 – 14 days. Please note that with over 3,000 colors to choose from, each sample is hand made and only produced when ordered.

How do I track my order?
We do not currently have a system to track orders. However, if it’s been over ten days (US) or 14 days (Europe / Asia) and you have yet to receive your order, please contact us directly at

Are samples returnable?
If you experience a problem with your ordered sample like breakage, wrong sample, etc., your sample may be returnable for credit or for a replacement sample free of charge.Please contact us at

The color of my Vanceva Color sample doesn’t look right. Why?
It is inherently difficult to perfectly match a printed swatch by Pantone or RAL with a laminated glass color sample. First, laminated color samples actually produce two color effects—reflective light and transmitted light. These are very different effects depending on when you’re looking through the glass or at an angle. Second, there is no technology available to perfectly match a printed colored swatch to laminated glazing (two pieces of glass with a colored interlayer). We therefore rely on color analyzers to find the closest match. Third, there are other variables that can affect the finished laminated glass sample like glass thickness, glass types (ie low iron glass versus traditional glass), glass brands (standard glass from different manufacturers can vary the look), and so on. Finally – color on a computer monitor is limited to a finite range of colors that can be perceived by the human eye – therefore it is strongly recommended to order a sample to confirm color selection with real glass.

We will do our best to work with you in getting the desired Vanceva color to meet your expectations.

Why charge US $15.00 for each sample?
The charge you pay for each sample covers shipping, handling and the processing of each sample. Processing of each sample entails the cutting of the glass into squares, grinding the edges smooth, setting up the interlayers and the autoclaving of the sample so that heat and pressure permanently bond the interlayers to the glass. This process can take up to two hours per order. The materials used to make the sample are free of charge.

Are sample kits available for sale?
Yes. We offer the following Vanceva Color Collection kits:

1. Vanceva color sample kit (9 colors) Collection of primary / secondary colors
2. Vanceva standard color kit Collection that matches popular tinted glass colors
3. Vanceva White Collection (3 pack) Collection of Polar White, Arctic Snow, and Cool White
4. Vanceva Extended color sample kit Collection of specialty colors

To order a Vanceva color sample or Vanceva Color Collection kit, click on Vanceva Color Studio and select “Vanceva Shop.”

KeepSafe Maximum™ Windows & Doors

What is a KeepSafe Maximum glass or window system?
KeepSafe Maximum (KSM) glass is laminated glass that’s specifically designed to provide impact resistance against hurricane force winds when used in properly designed hurricane rated residential windows and doors. KeepSafe Maximum glass is made by permanently bonding a tough protective interlayer between two panes of glass under intense heat and pressure. The result is a tough, durable, high-performance glazing material that tests show can resist hurricane-force winds and windblown debris. All window systems using KeepSafe Maximum glass meet the hurricane requirements for wind borne debris including:

  • Model building codes such as International Building and Residential Codes (IBC and IRC)
  • State product approval programs including Florida Building Code (FBC) and the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)
  • Relevant testing protocols and standards including Dade County TAS 201, 202 and 203, ASTM E1886, ASTM E 1996 and SSTD 12

For a list of window / door manufacturers that use KSM protective interlayers, go to

Where can I purchase KeepSafe Maximum doors and windows?
For a list of window / door manufacturers that use KSM protective interlayers for hurricane protection, go to

What is the warranty for KeepSafe Maximum?
Only a window or door manufacturer carries a warranty for impact resistant products. For a list of window / door manufacturers that use KSM protective interlayers for hurricane protection, go to

Some manufacturers do offer a “Break In” warranty on their window / door systems. This warranty reimburses homeowners for their deductible should their home be burglarized by entering through window or door that uses KSM laminated glass. Restrictions do apply. Please contact the window / door manufacturer to learn more.

How do I submit a warranty claim?
If your house has been burglarized where the intruder broke in through a window or door using KeepSafe Maximum glass, please contact the manufacturer of that window or door. Please note that not all manufacturers participate in the KeepSafe Maximum “Break In” Warranty Program.

How do I replace my KeepSafe Maximum glass?
To replace your KeepSafe Maximum glass, please contact the manufacturer of your window / door system or a qualified window replacement company.

Technical Support

If you need additional technical information that is not available on our website, contact us via email and we will contact you shortly.

Sales and Marketing Support

Where can I find collateral materials like brochures, Sweets Guide, and product listing?
The quickest way is to visit the Saflex website at . This link will route you to the Saflex download library where these materials are available in pdf form. You can also contact us directly to request these materials. Visit the ‘contact us’ section and send us an email stating your request.

How can I order samples of laminated glass?
If you’re looking to order Vanceva color samples, you can order these online by visiting If you’re looking for samples of laminated used for impact glazing, acoustical glazing, safety / security glazing, structural glazing, visit our website at for a list of glass fabricators.

I’m interested in becoming a laminator—who do I talk to?
Please contact us directly via email by filling out the form below.

Do you offer AIA CEU courses?
Saflex does offer two AIA CEU course for security glazing and for impact / hurricane glazing. To learn more, please fill out the contact us form below.

How can I contact someone at Saflex?
The best way is to fill out the form below which will send us an email with your request. Let us know the reason for your email and we’ll have the appropriate Saflex employee contact you. Don’t forget to explore our other FAQ sections to see if the information you are seeking is already posted.

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