Designing for Sound Reduction

Modern design trends emphasize the liberal use of glass in building exteriors and interiors, while building owners and occupants still demand the highest level of environmental comfort. Sound transmission into building spaces generally occurs through the weakest element – typically, glazing constructed of ordinary window glass.

In response, architects and designers must consider protecting a building’s environment from increasing noise levels when specifying glazing materials for new and renovated structures. The proven sound-damping performance of Saflex® acoustic interlayers offers architects and specifying engineers a clear and compelling alternative for addressing these complex demands.

Laminated glass made with Saflex interlayer can significantly help reduce exterior noise in interior spaces.

Saflex Sound Solutions

While standard Saflex® interlayer provides superior noise reduction capabilities compared to ordinary glass, Saflex’s Q PVB interlayers are the solution for architects specifying glazing systems that require even higher levels of acoustic comfort. Such applications can include:

  • Hotel and restaurant industry
  • Airports and surrounding structures
  • Educational and healthcare facilities
  • Industrial complexes
  • Apartment complexes and Condominiums

Saflex Q enhanced acoustic PVB is an advanced, three layer system designed to decouple and disseminate sounds waves for superior sound damping performance. This patented system targets sounds in the 1000 – 3000 Hz range which is the “most sensitive range of human hearing” that allows the most irritating of sounds to penetrate windows. Utilizing Saflex Q PVB on window and door systems results in a reduction of up to 10 decibels in the “transparent” frequency, which equates to a 50% reduction in perceived loudness!

Other Benefits of Laminated Glass

In addition to the proven acoustic performance, Saflex interlayers deliver all the other benefits inherent with laminated glass including:

  • Safety: Protecting building occupants and pedestrians from accidental glass impact, breakage, or fallout.
  • Security: Providing burglary and forced-entry resistance, ballistic (bullet) protection and bomb blast resistance.
  • Storm: Providing hurricane force resistant technology to laminated glazing systems.
  • Solar: Filtering more than 99 percent of UV rays, controlling visible light radiation & reducing heat build-up & thermal stress.
  • Style: Architects and designers are also discovering the beauty that laminated glass provides with endless color options for glazing. Visit the Vanceva color studio at to discover the custom color system, whites collection, specialty colors, and colors that match standard-colored glass.

For more information on Saflex or Vanceva interlayer, contact us.

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