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What is Saflex SoundPro?

Saflex SoundPro is an online glass performance calculator that can be used to evaluate laminated glass configurations for sound damping properties. It has a simplified user interface that allows the selection of single number acoustic ratings or the configuration of common glass constructions. Tested and/or estimated performance results are delivered.

What can you do with it?

The calculator was developed to allow users to compare conventional polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and acoustic PVB tri-layer interlayer technologies to determine the best laminated configuration for specific glazing applications. All values are supplied as glass only and do not consider the incorporation of the glass into glazing systems.

How to use SoundPro

The calculator features various glass thicknesses and configurations with Saflex® PVB interlayers. The software will deliver performance information and allow for a PDF report to be generated detailing the glass configuration including interlayer type and thickness, single number acoustic ratings and for tested configurations, one-third octave band data and test variables.

Work towards performace targets

When registered, you can use SoundPro to either calculate sound dampening properties based on a particular glass configuration, or by using the new Product Target mode. The Product Target mode makes it very easy to identify the best acoustic glazing solutions by starting out by considering the performance targets that need to be met (using global standards of STC, OITC, and Rw). Both methods return a detailed report including acoustic ratings, test details, a sound transmission loss chart, glazing configuration details, and other information.

How to get started

You'll need a account to start using SoundPro. If you don't have an account, you can create one now (and be sure to request access to tools!). You'll receive a notification from us once your account has been set up.

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